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Our vision

We live in a highly connected world in which the amount of generated data is continuingly increasing , along with the computing power to process all of this data which is growing increasingly fast. The tools that are currently available enable us to use this data in smart ways. Jibes uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help companies achieve their goals. We apply the latest technologies to keep our clients on the forefront of their field with solutions like trained systems, decision support, predictive analytics or agent technology.

What is AI?

AI is a broad concept that includes various techniques that enable computers to imitate human cognition. AI combines the computing power of a machine with the logic of a human being, enabling the computer to make smart decisions on its own. An important technique that is used within AI is Natural Language Processing (NLP), a computer’s ability to understand human (or natural) language. This is an important technique because around 80% of all data exists in the form of text such as emails, contracts, reports, feedback forms, product reviews, etc. With the use of NLP this data can be processed and interpreted by a computer as well. Another important technique is Machine Learning (ML), a computer’s ability to find structure in data by using self-learning algorithms. In addition to these techniques other data formats such as audio and video can also be included for analysis and intelligent interactions.

Our propositions

As an expert on NLP, analytics, predictive modeling and AI, Jibes can reflect and work with companies to find useful applications of these techniques.
We are experienced in particular with several advanced propositions:

Contract mining

Distilling information from large amounts of contracts to automatically process or pre-process for review or processing by a human. In this we train domain specific models to detect and match certain concepts and meta-concepts.


Agent technology

Applying cognitive computing to enable automated decision support, such as intelligent interaction with conversational agents (chatbots), guided navigation in complex rules and claims handling.


Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics: Using algorithms to reveal patterns in data that can help with e.g. predictive maintenance, value driven maintenance or other more sophisticated service concepts.


Market monitoring

Scraping, classifying and mining news articles to provide the user with the most important and relevant information from their market as well as lead scoring and funnel management.




Top  three areas where businesses expect AI to drive revenue


Financial Service Industry


Customer Service






How do I start?

In a Jibes Design Lab Session we will go through the first three phases of the Design Thinking methodology with you. This is a solution oriented approach to problem solving in which we first determine the ‘why’ before we move on to the ‘how’. In this half-day workshop we will work towards a concrete use case and a corresponding plan of action. Feel free to contact us.