Aalberts Industries

Aalberts Industries

‘Our manufacturing is a mix of batch versus flow production. Short and long-cyclic. Tailored items, composite products and projects. We manage based upon uniform indicators such as margins and order intake across all factories. At group level, these numbers may differ from the operating company. An overall generic information model was a must. Thanks to Jibes we own this.’


Blokker Nederland

‘Our successful online sales strategy knew one challenge : information out of existing systems and Excel spreadsheets was fragmented throughout the organization. Therefore it was not easy to answer queries in respect of payments, deliveries and customer order status. Jibes consolidated our data into meaningful information. Data is now accurate and available for users.’


Rabobank Nederland

‘Internet is evolving from a collection of individual sites into an eco-system of integrated data and services. Trends are transparency, openness, virtual cooperation of mobile and social networks. Users seek control over their data and how it is presented. Therefore, we examine the access, management, enrichment and publication of data and services. Jibes specializes in unlocking transactional data from financial institutions, media and civil institutions to third parties.’


O’Neill Europe

‘O’Neill transforms from traditional wholesale into multi-channel. We have outlets, distributors, agents, third-party articles and a webshop. Additionally we increased our collections from 4 to 12 per annum. With a data explosion as a result. Master Data Management helps us to have the right articles, photos and description anytime, anywhere. Our traffic cop for data.’


Asics Europe

‘Asics’ motto is ‘ sound mind, sound body “. We transformed from shoe brand into a global fashion brand. With a very broad product and technology portfolio, we should be able to respond more quickly to market dynamics. Jibes is our partner for Global Data Management with “healthy data” as basis for further development of an information driven organization.’


Euramax Coated Products

‘Ranging from the Ferrari theme park in Abu Dhabi to motor home construction, our pre-coated aluminum has many markets. On the basis of ‘knowledge is power’ we determine our strategy. Unambiguous and reliable indicators are crucial. Our ERP system did not require any adjustment or replacement. However, what we needed was data decoupling of transactional processes and conversion into visible, usable information. Jibes made that possible.


IBM Corporation

‘Industry Leaders Boeing and Carrefour hint at broad business adoption for agile data platforms. Partners such as Jibes are introducing solutions that enable rapid access to information and compelling uses for new types of data. Jibes demonstrates the business value of data mashups in the enterprise market by providing industry-specific information fabrics for the retail, consumer banking and media industries.’